Find a US Auto Body Shop near you in just ONE CLICK

Need an auto body shop within your reach? Probably your next reaction is to try and Google one. But are the Google search results that accurate? This and other search engines base their ranking on the type of content and its optimization, which doesn’t mean that if an auto body shop is not present among these results, it is not necessarily a bad shop to work with. Maybe the owners are just too busy fixing cars than worrying about their online presence. So there might be an auto painting shop right next to you, which is not shown in these search results. What can anyone do in this situation?

Forget about any search engine and switch to

It is like a vast library of data (200000 and counting!) concerning all the car body shops that are up and running in the USA. The inquiries made on this site are not based on the type of content, but in simply finding body shops near to your location, so you can choose the best offer. You won’t find any other site that will have such a large number of body shops in one single place. Not even Yelp! can exceed the database created by And the updates won’t stop here since the addition of another 60000 shops is scheduled for the coming month.

All you need is one single click to find an auto body dent repair, or any other car body job, near your location. Of course, there are other sites that claim to do the same, promising a faster web page, a significant amount of listings and so on. But it is not about having a fancy site when it comes to our listings. We need useful results, ones that will pinpoint the car body shop that will take you the shortest time to get there. Some cars won’t have the possibility to reach the car shop on wheels, needing a towing service to take them there. And we all know that distance and time are the factors that will influence how much money we will pay for the tow service. This is why we need to know where the closest shop is where we can get fixed the body of our car.

Thinking about painting a car? Try out and see where to take your car, without losing too much time in traffic and fuel, because you will need to cover the shortest distance. It will be impossible not to find a car shop in your area, this site having an impressive online library where all the service providers in this activity domain are recorded. The site can become your best ally when you encounter a problem concerning the body of your car. So don’t hesitate to use it and find the best services you can get, to restore your car to its former splendor.


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